Lake Tyler - Tyler, Texas

“Lake Tyler” consists of two lakes. There is the original Lake, which the locals know as “Old Lake Tyler” or ”Lake Tyler West” and there is the “New Lake or Lake Tyler East” The two lakes are connected by a ¼ mile long channel, which is navigable by boat. There are three different school districts: Whitehouse, Arp and Chapel Hill. Proximity to both Tyler and Whitehouse (shopping), school districts, water depths and views dictate value.

All of the land area around the old lake is owned by the City of Tyler and all of the homes/improvements are transferred by “leasehold estate”. Those leases are typically on a 30 year “rolling term” lease. The properties on Lake Tyler East are transferred fee simple (deeded). Generally speaking, the most valuable properties are in the Whitehouse School District and on the west side of Old Lake Tyler. The average lot on this lake is about an acre, and it is not uncommon for a lot with good water depth to sell for in excess of $300,000. On the other hand, if you were to go to the east side of Lake Tyler East, you might find a similar lot for about one-half that amount.

Lake Tyler

Lake Tyler was constructed in 1949, and covers approximately 2,400 surface acres. This lake has served as the major source of water supply for Tyler since its construction. Lake Tyler also serves as a major recreation center for this area, under strict sanitary controls. The Water and Sewer Utilities Department maintains six park areas adjacent to the lake. Lake Tyler is located on Prairie Creek, a tributary of Mud Creek, and lies in the Angelina River watershed. It has storage capacity of over 15 billion gallons (43,500 acre feet) at spillway elevation and has an average depth of 17.6 feet. It has a watershed area of 42 square miles (27,000 acres).

Lake Tyler East

Lake Tyler East was completed and the dam closed in 1967. The lake filled to capacity in 1968 and was connected to Lake Tyler by a connecting channel. This channel, in effect, formed one lake from the standpoint of water supply. Lake Tyler East has a surface area of approximately 2,500 acres, a watershed area of 65 square miles and an average depth of 16.5 feet. The lake has slightly less storage area than Lake Tyler. The two lakes have a combined safe yield of approximately 30 million gallons per day. Lake Tyler East is located on Mud Creek and lies in the Angelina River watershed. Recreational use of this lake is the same as for Lake Tyler.